Scale: 1/3
Material: Vinyl.
Eye Color: Brown (mismatched)
Hair Color: Auburn

Seiki is the second BJD in Jeanie’s home… and he unfortunately gets the brunt of Omi’s attitude. Less aggressive than the pint-sized terror, Seiki will opt to run instead of fight. He and Omi share a lot of the fundamental parts, such as same body type and head sculpt. However, unlike his short ‘friend’ Seiki was never modified to be shorter.

Facial hair is rather uncommon on a BJD, especially the amount that Seiki has. Normally both side-burns and a soulpatch look awkward on such a small and baby-face… but despite the odds, he manages to pull off the look. This may or may not have something to do with the ‘kicked puppy’ expression that he usually has.

Not wanting to be a bother, Seiki hasn’t informed Jeanie of the problems he has with his vision. He would probably benefit from using a set of glasses.

Another big difference between Omi and Seiki is… that while Seiki is also technically a ‘rescue’ doll, he doesn’t seem to suffer from the same abandonment (or ‘replacement’) issues that Omi does. In fact, Seiki is quite social.