Material: Vinyl.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Ginger

Originally a ‘rescue’ doll, Omi was bought second hand from a forum market place. His previous owner having already sold off his body already, and had lowered the price for his head in an attempt to get rid of him. Omi still has nightmares about being locked in a drawer.

When he arrived at Jeanie’s, he was small and scared. Most vinyl heads don’t get a second chance at being loved… and are usually destined to be thrown out or locked away in a drawer hidden away as newer more expensive dolls show up. Instead he was given a new lease on life… and a brand new body.

Because of his unstable home life in the past, he’s turned extremely territorial and possessive. Both traits usually manifesting as a mean and somewhat violent streak. Omi views all new dolls that appear in Jeanie’s home as a threat to his happy home. After all, every one knows that Vinyl is an inferior material, and that all BJD owners really want the more expensive Resin BJDs… right?