Okay, about a week or so ago I posted three auctions for Harry Potter Tonner dolls; Harry, Ron and Hermione. This time I found one for Draco’s clothes. Yes, there is a naked Draco doll running around somewhere in shame. Buajajajaja…

About a week or two back, I bought from this same seller, and that auction showed Gryffindor robes, but said it was for Slytherin. I’m trusting that the same situation applies to this one too. So, even though the photo in this auction is for Harry’s stuff, what you’ll get is everything from Draco’s set.

Draco’s Auction – Auction is for Shirt, Sweater/Jumper, Snap-on Tie, Pants, Socks, Shoes and Robes… plus a kind of pathetic looking wand that bears some resemblance to a painted toothpick.

The clothes in the above auction are best suited to the 50cm and the new 40cm obitsus. Shoes and socks, if you are really insanely persistent enough, will go on… but, I suggest having a hair-dryer on hand to make the vinyl of the shoes soft enough to force them onto obitsu feet. Pants are about three inches too short for the 50cm. Keep in mind, the robe will stain. *grumbles about a certain Nekomimi staining his default hands*