Line-art for today’s page. Sorry for the delay. It should be up before the day is out. Just pretend that I’m saying horrid things about Nanashi here. ^.~

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Right. Got the page up. *cough* *cough* how dumb can Nanashi be to fall to pieces like that? You’d think she’d know not to do stuff like that. No wonder she’s totally unlovable. There should be a trash can around somewhere, she might as well save her person the trouble and jump in where she belongs. >.>;;;

I should point out that all the ‘trash-talk’ I do against Nanashi is all tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken seriously. ^.~

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Just clarifying a point just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea. I adore vinyl dolls. There are currently 7 large obitsus in my collection. The oldest of which, I would hazard to guess is closing in on being 7yrs old (Omi is closing in being 6, and this body I bought for another doll was definitely older than Omi by about a year or two at the time of purchase).

With proper care and handling a vinyl doll will match a resin in durability. With the 60cms and 55cms, it’s just a point of keeping in mind to not over-stress their jointing. The newer re-designed 50cm, 48cm, 45cm, and 40cm vinyls (and their VMF50 cousins), barring any potential manufacturer’s defect or active destructive tendencies inflicted upon said doll, are pretty much indestructible. ^.~

There are two main reasons for a 60cm-55cm Obitsu to drop their lower torsos. One is a cracked tension ring, simple fix, just replace the ring. Second reason is that the spine broke, little harder to fix but not overly complex, just replace the broken part (which costs about $15 for two). Though I suggest switching the spine part in a 60cm-55cm over to the one that’s supposed to go in the 50cm, it redistributes the stress better and costs about $22.