One of my nephews put in a request for a grey Lego Castle. He specifically asked me and my husband because out of all his adult relatives, we’re the ones with the highest probability of making this happen. We’re probably the only adults that he knows that when he visits, LEGOS come out for him and his brothers to play with.

Granted, the kid would be overjoyed if we only handed over a bag of grey Legos. Seriously, awesome kid. I love all my nephews (and the incoming niece).

In any normal situation, this would be solved by picking up a Harry Potter Lego set. Those are castle-ish, and have more grey in them than anything he’s currently got. Problem with that is the parents are religious, and for some reason are trying to raise these kids without pop-culture influence (whatever that means). So, Harry Potter is out because obviously magic=evil, and pop-culture. What-evs. I don’t make those weird rules, I just toe the line.

Before anyone says anything about the whole pop-culture thing. These kids are being home-schooled. I guess it’s easier to try and shove them in a religious bubble like that. Sure makes gift-giving really weird when you can’t give them anything with a recognizable ‘brand’ on it.

Anyway. I’m designing up a Grey Castle as his Christmas present. I might have gone a little over-board with it.

Program used in making this castle, is Studio.
Currently this bad boy is 15.4in wide, 12in long, and 12.7in tall when closed; and when open it’s 30in wide, 10in long and the height doesn’t change (so, 12.7).


Still not done with this monster. Probably going to move things around, a lot. Fireplace will be moved to the other side, maybe make a sitting room dealio? Swap throne-room and dinning hall? Definitely going to stick a treasure chest somewhere, since the boys like those. Lego Jewels are shiny! I’m REALLY hoping that this survives the younger brother’s (un-medicated) ADHD. I’ve already seen that little guy messing up what is currently being called a castle (a lego base-plate with walls built from any color lego he can get his hands on).

Gah. This is gonna be expensive.